Construction Management

Park East Construction’s core competency is managing complex building projects. Our experienced team has extensive Construction Management experience in the Public-Sector arena covering K-12 Education, Public Libraries, and Fire Districts. In the Private sector, we have tremendous experience in Public Storage, Commercial and Residential Construction.  All projects require careful planning, detailed execution, and constant attention to detail.

Our team provides clients the critical advocacy and leadership throughout every phase and aspect of the project. Our close collaboration with all members of the project and construction team continually results in superior projects and loyal clients.

We successfully develop implementation strategies that optimize financial performance, coordinate planned activities, maximize resources, predict market conditions, and mitigate project risks. We systematically implement our quality control procedures, while also refining our best practices to deliver consistent quality service.


Initiating / Planning

Pre-Bond / Pre-Construction Phases

Public projects require extensive planning, reviews, and approvals. These projects often last years. A strong, coordinated start is key to excellent outcomes. Park East Construction has successfully managed hundreds of successful projects. In the Pre-Bond or Pre-Construction phase, we provide the following support and services.

  • Verify program budget
  • Attend workshop and public meetings
  • Create value engineering options
  • Perform constructability analysis
  • Develop project master schedule
  • Procurement /bid procedures
  • Site condition /logistics analysis
  • Establishment of project controls
  • Construction implementation plan development
  • Carefully consider Governmental Agency Requirements

With an emphasis on safety, accuracy, and coverage, we are your advocate & partner throughout the project.

Executing / Monitoring / Controlling

Construction Phase


Park East Construction’s focus is always to provide exceptional and comprehensive construction management services that go well beyond the management of trade contractors. We take tremendous pride in having seasoned professionals who have long-standing tenure with Park East Construction Corp. and do not subscribe to hiring temporary or contract superintendents. Additionally, we maintain an in-house OSHA Certification Program and certify and train all our on-site personnel to ensure the highest degree of safety.


Our construction managers are part of the full-time project staff and are responsible for coordinating and prioritizing these critical project elements:

  • Establish on-site organization and lines of authority.
  • Develop procedures and protocols for all project participants.
  • Develop and actively maintain a master schedule with significant milestones and actively monitor the contractor’s schedule.
  • Coordinate the creation and maintenance of a Master Project Budget in conjunction with the owner, architects, and trades.
  • Prepare monthly requisitions.
  • Monitor contractors hired to perform the work.
  • Schedule and conduct weekly progress meetings.
  • Continually monitor project schedule, identify and proactively manage any variances.
  • Assist in obtaining all licenses, permits, and certificates of occupancy.
  • Coordinate all trade contractors and continually work with the building owner and occupants through completion and acceptance of the project.
  • Monitor safety compliance for each of the trades using their provided manuals.
  • Lead the procurement /bid process including solicitation, pre-bid meetings, defining alternates, and conducting public bid openings in conjunction with the owner.
  • Together with the owner and the architect assist with the selection of independent testing agencies.
  • Provide relocation support of personnel, equipment, and furnishings.
  • Prepare detailed and customized Project Manuals clearly defining and establishing the project controls and protocols.
  • Set up and maintain robust project controls covering but not limited to bonds, insurance, submittals, change orders, payments. etc.
    • Provide control for the shop drawing submittal, review and approval process.
    • Establish the detailed procedures for processing all change orders and requests to modify work scope.
    • Evaluate and negotiate all proposals to ensure fair and accurate pricing.
    • Provide contractor payment control with established and proven accounting and recordkeeping procedures.
    • Maintain records for payment requests, waiver of liens, insurance certificates, and certified payrolls.
  • Maintenance of the “Project Record” containing drawings, specifications, submittals, schedules, correspondence, etc.

Park East Construction’s on-site staff, supported by highly experienced management and home office team are there every day working to deliver projects on time and budget.


End of project phase


The end of every project is exciting, but it also requires continued diligence. Park East Construction understands the importance of finalizing all aspects of a project including;

  • Final punch list resolution
  • Close out of insurance /bonds
  • Final payments /adjustments
  • Coordinate “hands-on” training of installed or upgraded systems
  • Coordinate the submission of “As Built” drawings
  • Pass along operation and maintenance manuals for the installed systems
  • Post construction project support

Park East Construction will be there every step of the way culminating with your ribbon-cutting.


Park East Construction Corp. brings experience to every project - it is the foundation of our proven reputation.

PEC continually reinforces the tenet that construction and project management is comprised of more than

handling daily affairs via an on-site superintendent rather it is a cooperative partnership between

on-site presence, management, architects, and the client.


Park East Construction Corp. has been a leader in the Long Island and Metro New York construction market since 1989. We have earned our reputation by consistently delivering quality buildings to our clients with a level of commitment that is unsurpassed.

Our mission for each client is to provide the highest quality programs – from design to building operation – to help them achieve their program goals in an ethical and cost effective manner.